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Chinese normal white and pure white garlics no black garlics

Chinese normal white and pure white garlics no black garlics
Product Detailed
Aged Fermented Black garlic 1.Material: organic fresh garlic 2.Specification:4.5-5.0/5.0-5.5/5.5-6.0/6.0-6.5cm 3.JAS/HACCP 4

Chinese normal white and pure white garlics no black garlics

1.Material: organic fresh garlic2.Specification:4.5-5.0/5.0-5.5/5.5-6.0/6.0-6.5cm3.JAS/HACCP/KOSHER



 1, Odorless Aged Black Garlic        Whole Bulb

 2, Odorless Aged Black Garlic Extract Liquid   Brix  16  ,  32 ,  65

 3, Odorless Aged Black Garlic Extract Powder ,  3% , 10:1 


Product Name



Black Garlic



Black Garlic

2PCS×112 BAGS / CTN(224PCS/ CTN)


Black Garlic



Black Garlic



Black Garlic



Black Garlic



Black Garlic Soft Capsule



Black Garlic Soft Capsule



Black Garlic Puree



Black Garlic granule



Efficacy of Black Garlic:        

Richly containing 18 kinds of amino acids which are essential to human bodiesEnhancing the body's immunity,especially for the vulnerable peopleResisting fatigue and ageing effectivelyAssisting in the recovery of the weakened and the elderlyHelping in adjusting blood pressure,blood sugar, blood lipid and cholesterolPurely natural, healthy and green foodProduct Description:

Do not need to hype, the health foods --- Black Garlic deeply understood by the public .

To product black garlic we need to put the fresh garlic with skin in the fermentation box of high temperature and humidity, kept for 50 ~ 60 days, allowed to naturally fermented foods. We know that garlic is a very health food itself, while the role of black garlic is really amazing. Black garlic main containing 18 amino acids, proteins, garlic-ene, active SOD, polyphenols, etc. which were easily absorbed by the body.


Japanese research results show that the black garlic has anti-cancer, promoting diabetes physical rehabilitation, prevention and treatment of influenza, anti-fatigue, lowering blood pressure, blood fat, lowering blood sugar, anti-thrombosis, cholesterol-lowering, anti-aging, enhance immunizations force, to improve constipation such as insomnia symptoms and received obvious effects.By fermentation, the medicinal effects of garlic is more enhanced.

Garlic has a strong effect of the adjustment of blood flow and antioxidant power itself, but during the process of maturity, Inherent in strengthening the original composition of forces generated on the basis of another new composition, and its health effects have become more powerful.

Anti-aging, oxidation power, enhancing immune function of the black garlic is10 times that ordinary garlic.

The essence of human aging is oxidized, while super antioxidant function of black garlic is the main reason that it can have a very good condition for more effective. SOD in black garlic is eight times that common garlic and polyphenol substance is 20 times the normal garlic.

At the same time Fat-soluble volatile oil in black garlic can significantly increase function of macrophage phagocytic, could enhance the role of the immune system. regulating blood sugar levels At the same time lysine, serine in black garlic have improve immunity function.

Experiments show that fat-soluble volatile oil in black garlic can significantly increase function of macrophage phagocytic, At the same time black garlic in lysine, serine have improve immunity function.


Strongly regulation blood sugar levels:


During the processing process, Combination of garlic and vitamin B1 calledallithiamine It can promote the decomposition of sugar quality, control blood sugar rise; the same time, green sulfides called scordinin in the black garlic can activate cells, help Vitamin B1 translate the sugar into energy, with the lifting of fatigue, enhance physical and other effects. Black Garlic also contains S-methyl cysteine sulfoxide and S-allyl cysteine sulfoxide, which can inhibit G-6-P enzyme NADPH, prevent the destruction of insulin.

Ability to regulate blood sugar of the Black Garlic is not a simple control and hypoglycemic drugs, but in the protection of insulin, take glucose conversion to energy initiatively, so that diabetes and ordinary people have the same ability to sugar, , while it had no effect on normal blood glucose And that determine the effectiveness of the black garlic is better that the general hypoglycemic products.

Chinese normal white and pure white garlics no black garlics

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